About us

Croydon Group was formed in 1981.

We are active in the following work to raise awareness of diabetes in Croydon, focusing also on prevention of Type 2 diabetes:

  • We create and attend events to raise awareness
  • We give talks in the community, with Patient Participation Groups in GP surgeries, churches and anywhere possible to make sure the community knows that the risk of Type 2 diabetes can be substantially reduced
  • We participate in providing stories about people living with diabetes to improve the local clinical resources
  • We have a stall in Surrey Street market several times a year
  • We are actively involved in working with the local CCG who provide the funding for diabetes in the community as well as Croydon University Hospital
  • We hold meetings 6 times a year with speakers on diabetes issues
  • We send out a Newsletter six times as year
  • We provide help to specific requests from the community signposting them to the relevant help – we do not give clinical advice.

We work with local community organisations and have a strong relationships with them.

The Committee

Hon. Chairman:
Tim Read

Hon. Secretary:
Bob Dear

Hon. Treasurer:
Robert Goldsmith

Hon. Membership Secretary:
Bob Dear

Hon. Programme Secretary:

Hon. Newsletter Editor:

Committee Members:

  1. Gifty Nmaju  [ General Role ]
  2. Brian Matthews  [ Development & CCG ]
  3. Lynette Richards [ Lorde Liaison Officer ]
  4. Shafique Kumbay [ Website ]