About us

The Croydon Group is run by volunteers chaired by Tom Baterip who has been involved with the group since 1981 when it started. We have remained an active and inviting group since and we hope to remain that way as long as people need our help.

The group organises a number of fund raising activities and have contributed to the Research and Childrens Fund of Diabetes UK.

The group is widely known within Croydon. We became members of the Croydon Voluntary Action, took part in the review of Diabetic Services in Croydon and represented on the Local Diabetic Services Advisory Group(LDSAG) and the Living with Diabetes Group.

The Committee

Hon. Chairman:
Tim Read

Hon. Secretary:

Hon. Treasurer:
Robert Goldsmith

Hon. Membership Secretary:
Tony Laird

Hon. Programme Secretary:
Tina Hills

Hon. Newsletter Editor:
Pat Godden